Van Wagoner Boats, Inc.

Van Wagoner Boats, Inc. has been serving Pinellas County for 74 years doing boat fiberglass repair, custom fiberglass, transom repair, marine engine repair, gelcoat repair, outboard motor repair, and complete boat restorations. We have a combined over 100 years of experience in the fiberglass and wood repair and boat restoration business.

Our mission is to be your one-stop shop to take care of all of your boats needs. We will keep your boat looking great, running great, and hassle-free so you can spend the majority of your time doing what you would rather be doing—spending time out on the water.

In Need of Boat Fiberglass Repair?

If you have boat damage we can handle everything from minor marine repair to major accident and collision repairs. We specialize in hurricane storm damage repair. We have over 100 years of combined experience, so you can rest assured your boats in good hands. Click here to learn about Boat Fiberglass Repair.

Boat Damage? Need to File an Insurance Claim on your Boat?

Van Wagoner Boats has worked will all the major manufacturers and insurance companies for over 35 years. Collision damage, storm damage, fire damage, or even lightning strikes—Van Wagoner Boats can take care of all the paperwork and phone calls for your boat insurance claim, and finish all the repairs while you're waiting. Click here to learn more about Boat Damage Insurance Estimates.

Is Your Boat Looking Beat Up?

Why spend your money on a brand new boat when you can make your boat look new again for a fraction of the cost? We can remove old parts, install new parts, do custom floor plans, custom modifications, custom fiberglass, transom repair, gelcoat repair, fiberglass repair, install new electronics and stereos, build custom tops and covers, and do a custom paint job! Click here to learn more about Complete Marine Restorations.

Marine Engine Problems?

We Do Marine Engine Repair! Outboard Motor Repair, Inboard Motor Repair, and everything in between. Our Factory Certified technicians can repair or re-power your gasoline or diesel engines. We can repair any type of drive assembly. We can even raise your sunken vessel and repair any fiberglass, mechanical, or electrical problems. Click here to learn more about Marine Engine Repair.

Tough Schedule?

No problem, we are open bright and early at 6am until 5pm, Monday-Friday, EST. You can drop off your boat if you would like to, or we can even pick it up and deliver it when it is finished! Contact Van Wagoner Boats Now!

Boat Trailer Problems?

Have a trailer in rough condition? As a convenience to our customers, we can even fix your trailer while we are working on your boat. Attention Marinas! No need to worry-We have a forklift-friendly trailer for our boat pickups and deliveries. Contact Van Wagoner Boats Now!